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Friends of the Library Book Sale and Gen Con

        The first weekend of August was both GenCon (huge gaming convention in Indianapolis) and the monthly book sale at the library. Here are the titles I picked up.

Gen Con Title:

Destroyers of the Light: S.A. McClure


     S.A. McClure is a local Indy author and a complete sweetheart. This is the second title in her Broken Prophecies Series. The first, Keepers of The Light, follows Amaleah as she's hit a crossroads in her life. She's set to marry someone she has no interest in or take a chance to run off on her own to see if she can fulfill a thousands year old prophecy.

       Its a steady paced high fantasy series that was really enjoyable. 

Library Titles: 

Winter of The Witch: Katherine Arden


     Book three in the popular Winternight Trilogy finds Vasya in the middle of conflict between two worlds. Even though she wants to save both and those she cares about, she may not be able to save any of them.

The Alienist: Caleb Carr


     Any of you remember that TNT series that came out a few months ago with this title? This is the series of books its based off. First printed in the 90s this historical suspense novel is the story of reporter John Moore and his friends  Dr. Kreizler as they try to solve a series of murders involving the mutilation of young boys bodies in 1896 New York.

The Paragon Hotel: Lyndsay Faye


    Its the 1920's in Harlem. Alice finds herself fleeing the mafia after a deal gone wrong. She makes her way to Oregon and right back in the thick of things. Mixed up with the KKK, racism, seedy underground dealings, a missing person...Alice just cant catch a break. 

The Ancient World: John Haywood


     A comprehensive guide to histories great civilizations from  Egypt to Rome


The History Of The Middle Ages: Joseph Dahmus


     A general overview of the thousand year period following the fall of the Roman empire to the end of Constantinople.

     Welcome fellow book lovers!

     Welcome fellow book lovers!

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