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     Title: The Last True Poets Of The Sea

      Author: Julia Drake

      Series: Stand Alone

      Pages: 400

      Genre: YA Fiction

      Rating out of 5 Stars: 3.5

      Releases October, 1, 2019

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Trigger warnings: Attempted Suicide, Underage Drinking, Underage Drug Use, Underage Sex (teen-not terribly graphic but it is there.)


The Last True Poets of the Sea is first and fore-most a story of self-discovery, self-healing and family. With nods to Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Drake spins a tale of learning that though life can be hard, it’s still worth exploring. That the path of healing isn’t always a straight line, there’s no shame in asking for help and change isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


We mostly follow Violet Larkin. When her parents are finally fed up with her partying and other self-destructive tendencies and in light or her brother Sam’s recent suicide attempt its thought maybe some time away from New York will help. Violet is packed up and sent to live with her Uncle Toby in her mother’s hometown of Lyric Maine. There she takes an interest in the families legacy surrounding the alleged shipwreck story the town in founded on.


In Lyric, Violet finds a group of fellow teens that share a common interest in the story as well.

When it comes to the plot...I was underwhelmed but still satisfied. I think the synopsis plays up more to the mystery aspect then it should. There’s a fair amount of work getting you from Point A to Point B that can make the story drag in places as it still played secondary to some of the romantic drama going on within the group.

That aside the characters are wonderfully developed with believable flaws and growth throughout the book. If you enjoy character driven stories, this fulfills that flying colors. I did enjoy reading this and am interested to see what comes from the author in the future.


***E-Arc kindly provided by Julia Drake & Disney Book Group via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.

     Welcome fellow book lovers!

     Welcome fellow book lovers!

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