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     Title: The Octopus Curse

      Author: Salma Farook

      Series: Stand Alone

      Pages: 166

      Genre: Poetry

      Rating out of 5 Stars: 5

 Available on Kindle Unlimited

Physical Copy here

        Thought provoking, a wonderful collection

I was approached by the author a few monthes ago if I would be interested in reviewing her poetry collection. I am so glad she did.

The layout of work flowed beautifully from one to the next. Most collections like this generally only have a few pieces that will stick out but I really enjoyed the majority of what was presented.
There was one that made me look at some things I've experienced in my own life in a new light. It turned something I once felt very painfully about into something more positive.

Fantastic collection. Please tell me it will be bound in physical format, cause I would love one for my poetry shelf 💞

Thank you so much Salma for the opportunity to read your work!

     Welcome fellow book lovers!

     Welcome fellow book lovers!

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