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     Title: The Ten Thousand Doors Of January

      Author: Alix E. Harrow

      Series: Stand Alone

      Pages: 384

      Genre: YA Historical Fiction

      Rating out of 5 Stars: 4.75

      Releases September, 10, 2019

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        Books are portals and The Ten Thousand Doors of January is no exception. Its beautifully crafted worlds, complex characters and exquisite writing will leave you utterly enchanted.
       When you look at the premise; magical doors, multiverse you immediately think of works like Narnia and the more recent Wayward Children series. So how does it stand out? It’s atmosphere. There’s something so familiar about the way this book makes you feel when you read it. Like being a kid again and feeling that pull towards a seemingly ordinary room or spot in the trees and knowing down in your very bones that there’s something not quite right about it but you cant place it. This is one of those titles that make you recall that spark that made you fall in love with reading of wanting a story of your own like it.
       The cast of characters is so diverse and the way their stories all intertwine is incredibly well crafted and thought out. Being mostly set in the turn of the 20th century America, there’s racism, class-ism, gender-role expectations, all of this was respectfully and tactfully approached. Something to be aware of if any of these topics bother you.
        This is a phenomenal read that I encourage people to pick up. For a debut novel to be this exceptional I think we can expect great thing from Harrow in the future.

**E-Arc kindly provided by Alix E. Harrow & Redhook Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.

     Welcome fellow book lovers!

     Welcome fellow book lovers!

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