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         Sep 2019 Overview

             Monthly Stats  Break  Down         

Pages Read: 7,860

Favorite Read:  Tweet Cute

                             By: Emma Lord

Least Favorite Read:  A Hero Born

                             By: Jin Yong

Rating Breakdown

5 Stars--0 

4 Stars--20 

3 Stars--15

2 Stars-- 0

1 Star--  0

DNF-- 0

J.A. Alexsoo

Blood Branded                                    4 stars

Margaret Rogerson

Sorcery of Thorns                            3.5 Stars

Abbi Waxman

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill          4.5 stars

Jin Yong

A Hero Born                                      3.5 stars

Emma Lord

Tweet Cute                                       4.5 Stars

David Yoon

Frankly In love                                   3 Stars 

Natasha Ngan

Girls of Paper and Fire                        3 Stars

Holly Black

Cruel Prince                                        4 Stars

Wicked King                                       4 Stars

Taylor Jenkins Reid

Daisy Jones and the Six                   3.5 Stars

Ruby Dixon

Ice Planet Barbarians                          4 stars Ice Planet Honeymoon

   Georgie and Vectal                          3 Stars

Ice Planet Honeymoon

   Raahosh and Liz                              4 Stars

Barbarian Alien                                3.5 Stars
Barbarian Lover                                   3 stars

Barbarian Mine                                   4 Stars
Ice Planet Holiday                               4 Stars
Barbarian's Prize                                 4 Stars
Barbarian's Mate                                 3 Stars

Having The Barbarian's Baby             3 Stars

Ice Ice Babies                                      4 Stars

Barbarian's Touch                                4 Stars

Calm                                                    3 Stars

Barbarian's Taming                             4 Stars

Barbarian's Heart                                4 Stars

Aftershocks                                         4 Stars

Barbarian's Choice                              4 Stars

Barbarian's Hope                                 4 Stars

Barbarian's Redemption                      4 Stars

Barbarian's Lady                                 3 Stars

Barbarian's Rescue                              4 Stars

Barbarian's Tease                                3 Stars

Enticed By The Corsair                      3 Stars

In The Corsair's Bed                           4 Stars

The Corsair's Captive                          3 Stars

                Sep 2019 Wrap Up

                       Soooo......That Happened..    

       35 Books read

    As I was going through my books for September I was shocked to realize just how many I had read through. A big part of that was the Ruby Dixon rabbit hole I feel down.

    Her work was not something I thought I would be drawn to. When I first heard about her book Ice Planet Barbarians via Chelsie Dolling Reads I thought, for morbid curiosity's sake, I'd look into it.

     Truth be told I really enjoyed it. It's like the perfect balance of Sci Fi and Smut. That her collective works were all on Kindle Unlimited and super fast to read made them great books to devour. I made it all the way up to book 16 before I had to look into the Ice Home Series  (which ties in and helps to flesh out the later books in the series) At this point I've read almost all of her pieces and fully intend to keep up with what she puts out.

    Also read several ARCs.

The first being Blood-branded, (full thoughts here) It was a good quick fantasy read but could use a little more umph. 

Tweet Cute was another. This one I really enjoyed. A new YA about two kids caught up in their parents restaurant wars and the hazards of the digital age. I will have a full review on this soon. 

 My last was A Hero Born. While not exactly a new book it is new to English speaking readers. This was not my favorite title unfortunately. I'm familiar with the story and I truly think it suffered from different style presentation as well as translation issues. The writing came off very clunky and just made it a chore to read. Which is  a shame because its actually a really good story.

Honorable mention Read: The Bookish Life of Nina Hill. I liked this a lot more then I thought I would. I'm sure a lot of people will see something of themselves in Nina as avid readers. Cute contemporary read, great for this fall. 

     Welcome fellow book lovers!

     Welcome fellow book lovers!

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Book Review: Tweet  Cute